Thank you for helping us create a slightly better future.

Positive changes do not happen overnight, but step by step. This year the Stride XL team has decided not to buy presents but to give a gift to our nature. Thanks to you we have supported two threatened natural sites in cooperation with Place for Nature campaign.

Saving threatened sites

The Czech Union for Nature Conservation saves threatened natural sites and returns nature to locations from where it had been pushed out of in the past. The aim of the Place for Nature campaign is to purchase such sites and to provide them with lasting care. The money we would otherwise spend on presents will be donated to their retrieval on your behalf.

Milská stráň

Botanically valuable forest-steppe slope with the largest population of lady orchids in Czechia comprises several thousands pieces. A number of other rare and protected orchid and plant species grow here. Animal species like european viper, smooth snake, european tree frog, agile frog or fire salamander also live on the hillside.

„Prales“ Ščúrnica

More than a hundred years old complex of beech and fir forests in White Carpathians where we can find all stages of trees – from seedling up to decaying “dead” tree trunks. Several rare species of birds, two types of orchids, even a less common type of woody plants live here in the undergrowth.

Join us for a guided tour

Both locations are open to the public and you may visit them anytime on your own. But we would be very pleased if you could join us on a guided tour offered throughout the year. If you share your email with us, we would keep you up-to-date with the latest information and schedule.

  • Choose a site
  • Milská stráň (60 km West from Prague)
  • Ščúrnica (130 km East from Brno)

Thank you for choosing Stride XL in 2020 and we wish you all the best in 2021.

Dominik, David, Zuzka with Janek, Péťa, Anička, Petr, Emil, Ondra & Jerry